COVID-19 Testing available at Parawhenua Marae 30th Nov – Dec 1st

We will be providing COVID-19 testing at Parawhenua Marae today and tomorrow as follows:

Tuesday 30 Nov 4-7pm

Wednesday 1 Dec 4-7pm

Thursday (COVID-19 zoom hui Q & A)

How does the Testing Centre work?

When you arrive to the venue, a whanau hauora team will direct you through to the parking area.

When you arrive to the venue, please stay in and/or near your car and one of the team will come and meet you to be tested.


  1. Our whanau hauora team will ask you some quick questions to check your details and check for any symptoms  (if you know your National Health Identifier (NHI) number then please bring this with you, but it is not essential).
  2. Our whanau hauora team will then awhi you to have the test.
  3. The swab looks like a long cotton-bud which is gently rubbed in the back of your nose.  

Key hint: breathe in when they take the test, which can help to distract the tickleish feeling!

  1. Results will be provided within 72 hours. 
  2. Feel awesome that you’ve had the test, and that you’re taking steps to tiaki/protect whanau. 
  3. Apparently there might be some yummy refreshments provided by our whanau tautoko….. ????????????

Whanau Hauora Team 

We are proud to have our own whanaunga Te Atatu (Tats) Mihaka providing her tautoko for whanau on site.  Tats is an Emergency Nurse who ran some of the COVID-19 isolation facilities in Auckland last year, and is providing this mahi for us with the support of the Whanau Ora Community Clinic.  Thank you Tats and Whanau Ora clinic!

Huge thank you to all of our whanau tautoko of Ngā Hapū o Te Ahuahu, for your expertise and guidance, to ensure the smooth running of this kaupapa for our whanau, hapū and marae.


The risk of contracting COVID-19 is still present for us all, from tamariki to kaumatua, regardless of other health problems and vaccination status. 

Protection of our whānau and hapū is our focus, because sometimes it is those we do not think of immediately whom can be adversely affected.

In order to awhi, and to protect all of our whanau, we encourage COVID-19 testing for all who attended our event on Saturday, as well as whanau who live in the same household, or whom you have been in direct contact with since the event.

Keep calm, Get Tested today

Testing sites open today;

Kaikohe main street (65 Broadway, where the night markets are held) – 10am-4pm

Kaikohe Broadway Health – 8am-5.30pm

Kerikeri – 1 Sammaree Place (end of Mill Lane) 9am-3pm

Whangarei – 20 Winger St, Whangarei 9am-3pm

Hokianga Hospital – 163 Parnell St, Rawene 9am-2pm

Dargaville Hospital 9am-3pm

Kaitaia Hospital 9am-3pm 

Protect yourself through Vaccination  

Vaccination is available 10am-4pm everyday this week at the night market site on main street in Kaikohe 

 Don’t be whakamā, COVID-19 is here, tiaki tō whanau e whanaunga mā, ā, kia ora ai tātou katoa.