Karanga Ngāpuhi Huihuinga – Saturday 13 January, Waitangi

A pānui shared by Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō-Ngāpuhi Chairperson, Mane Tahere, inviting all Uri o Ngāpuhi to attend a hui to collectively prepare for the Hui-ā-Motu called by Kiingi Tuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII.

Te Rūnanga-ā-Iwi-o-Ngāpuhi are co-ordinating the Ngāpuhi haerenga to the Hui-ā-Motu – National Hui for Unity at Tūrangawaewae Marae on January 20, 2024.

We are calling a huihuinga for our Ngāpuhi Whānau, Hapū, Marae and Iwi to collectively unite to discuss and confirm our travel arrangements.

In preparation for this haerenga we will also confirm the following:

  • Ngāpuhi’s key message/s
  • Kaikōrero
  • Waiata Tautoko/Kīnaki (Mutunga Rameka has composed a waiata specifically for this haerenga which we will learn at the conclusion of our hui.)
  • Tākoha that will be laid on the marae to symbolise the contribution Ngāpuhi will make to Te Whakakotahitanga o ngā iwi o te motu.

Hui details

Date – Saturday 13 January 2024

10am-12pm – Huihuinga a Ngāpuhi

12pm-1pm – Kai Nui

1pm-2pm – Waiata practice

We encourage all Whānau, Mokopuna, Taitama Tāne, Taitama Wāhine, Uri o Ngāpuhi attending the National Hui-ā-Motu to attend this huihuinga, learn our waiata, kia tū tika ai te whare tapu o Ngāpuhi.

Handover ceremony for the Part 1 Report on Stage 2 of Te Paparahi o Te Raki Inquiry – 9 December 2023

A pānui shared by Te Rau Allen with information regarding the formal hand-over ceremony for ‘Tinorangatiratanga me Te Kāwanatanga’, the Part 1 Report on Stage 2 of Te Paparahi o Te Raki Inquiry.


Saturday 9 December 2023 at 9:00 am, Waitangi Treaty Grounds

MC – Pita Tipene and Nicki Wakefield

8.50am – First stage of ceremony

Guests to gather at Hobsons Memorial Gate.

9.00am – Pōwhiri

10.30am Second stage of ceremony – Wai 1040 report handover
Mihi and introductions during the handover ceremony – Pita Tipene & Nicki Wakefield

First speech – Sandra Edmonds, Deputy Director, Waitangi Tribunal Unit

Report handover by Tribunal Members (Judge Craig Coxhead, Dr Robyn Anderson and Dr Ann Parsonsons) to the seven taiwhenua:

  • Takutai Moana;
  • Hokianga;
  • Whangaroa;
  • Te Waimate Taiāmai ki Kaikohe;
  • Mangakāhia;
  • Whāngārei; and
  • Mahurangi and the Gulf Islands.

12.00pm Hākari in Tahuaroa Function Centre

Below are excerpts of a formal letter from Judge C T Coxhead issued on 4 December 2023.

Reminder of Handover for Part 1 of Stage Two Report

  1. These directions are a further reminder to parties that the Tribunal will be holding a handover ceremony for the Tino Rangatiratanga me Te Kāwanatanga, the Part 1 Report on Stage 2 of Te Paparahi o Te Raki Inquiry on 9 December 2023 at Te Whare Rūnanga, Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Paihia, Northland.
  2. Parties are to note that this handover is only for Part 1 of the Stage 2 Report.
  3. The handover ceremony will begin with a pōwhiri at 9.00am and finish formalities at 12pm with a hākari afterwards. Everyone attending is requested to gather at 8.50am to prepare for the pōwhiri.
  4. The handover programme is appended to these directions. The programme is the same that was followed for the Stage 1 Report, He Whakaputanga me te Tiriti – The Declaration and the Treaty report handover.
  5. As stated in my previous directions, and in line with the previous handover process for the Stage 1 Report, He Whakaputanga me te Tiriti – The Declaration and the Treaty, copies of the Report will only be presented to representatives from the seven taiwhenua – Hokianga, Whangaroa, Waimate–Taiāmai ki Kaikohe, Takutai Moana, Whāngārei, Mangakāhia, and Mahurangi and the Gulf Islands (Wai 1040, #2.8.2).
  6. All other claims will receive reports sent directly to them, via their counsel. Claimants should enquire with their counsel to receive their claim copy.
  7. For self-represented claims, the Tribunal will endeavour to ensure the reports reach those claims or make appropriate alternative arrangements as to where the reports can be obtained from.
  8. I reconfirm to parties that no reports other than those presented at the ceremony to the seven taiwhenua, will be handed out by the Tribunal.
  9. Thank you to all those who have RSVP’d, parties are able to do so by emailing
  10. WT.Registrar@justice.govt.nz and include the name of your group and how many will be there. Any queries regarding the event can be made to that email or 04 815 9808

Te Rūnanga ā Iwi ō Ngāpuhi – Notice of Annual General Meeting, 16 Dec 2023

A pānui inviting whānau to the Annual General Meeting for Te Rūnanga ā Iwi ō Ngāpuhi, shared by Arnold Maunsell.

The Annual General Meeting of Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō-Ngāpuhi for the financial year ended 30 June 2023 will be held on Saturday 16 December 2023 at the Rūnanga office (16 Mangakāhia Road, Kaikohe), from 10am.

10:00 am Pōwhiri
10:30 am In-person registration and voting opens / morning tea
11:45 am In-person registration and voting closes
12:00 noon AGM starts

1 Apologies
2 Minutes of AGM 2022
3 Annual Report for 2022/2023 financial year
4 Chairman’s Report
5 Financial and Audit Reports
6 Ngāpuhi Asset Holding Company Report
7 Changes to the Trust Deed (Special Resolution required to pass)
8 Appointment of Auditor for 2023/2024 financial year

Note on Trust Deed changes

At the AGM of 24 June 2023, it was resolved by a special majority of over 75% of the adult registered members of Ngāpuhi who voted, that:

The proposed amendments to the Trust Deed of Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi O Ngāpuhi, as notified, are for the collective benefit of all Members of Ngāpuhi and are agreed.

The amended Trust Deed was then provided to Te Ohu Kaimoana Limited (‘TOKM’) for review.

TOKM advised that as a next step, the Rūnanga needs to add further minor amendments to the Trust Deed to explicitly meet specific requirements in Schedule 7 of the Māori Fisheries Act 2004 (please see explanatory note for details). The Rūnanga has now incorporated those amendments in the proposed amended Trust Deed. TOKM has reviewed the proposed amended Trust Deed and confirmed that:

  • It complies with the Act; and
  • it must be voted on and ratified by not less than 75% of the adult members who vote at a general meeting.

Accordingly, the following resolution is put to the adult members of Ngāpuhi, for your consideration and vote:

That the proposed amendments to the Trust Deed of Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō-Ngāpuhi, as notified, are for the collective benefit of all Members of Ngāpuhi and are agreed.

The proposed Trust Deed changes and voting forms are available on our website ngapuhi.iwi.nz or at the Rūnanga office.

Voters must be 18 years+ members registered with Te Rūnanga-Ā-Iwi-Ō-Ngāpuhi. Voters can register online on our website before voting. Or, if voting in person, voters can register on the day before voting.

Votes can be cast either:

  • in person at the AGM between 10:30am and 11:45am on Saturday 16 December 2023 at the Rūnanga office; or
  • by postal vote which must be received by the Returning Officer by 5pm on Friday 15 December 2023. Postal votes may be delivered to the Rūnanga office (by hand, post or email) to:

The Returning Officer

16 Mangakāhia Road, PO Box 263, Kaikohe 0440


We will also hold a livestream of the 12noon AGM on our Facebook page. Please note you cannot vote or post comments via livestream.

Wane Wharerau
Chair, Te Rūnanga-Ā-lwi-Ō-Ngāpuhi

Trust Deed Amendments Voting Form

Hapū student nominations are open! Marine Kaitiaki Course 2024

Sharing this notice from our whanaunga Rio Greening who has had a helping hand in this Marine Kaitiaki Course initiative for rangatahi from Te Pewhairangi/Bay of Islands.

We are happy to announce that all hapū student nominations for the 2024 Marine Kaitiaki Course are OPEN and welcomed!! 

If you are connected with whanau who have rangatahi aged 18 – late 20’s who would be interested in diving into a marine conservation career or have a deep interest in kaitiakitanga o te moana, please share this information with them.

Anyone interested in this course can learn more about the program and apply on our website, trioceans.org/kaitiaki.

They can fill out the online application directly at this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdVAN4GrXda0DrZxpSuGIQspmOI9w7nlblgXk25vJazTN4Bew/viewform?usp=sf_link

Kaitiaki insights into implementation of future RM system

Tēnā koutou katoa,

Kaitiaki insights into implementation of our future resource management system

He mihi – Thank you for attending our online engagement hui on Tuesday 22 November 2022 to discuss the key considerations for transitioning and implementing the future resource management system.

Marine Kaitiaki NEWSLETTER July 2022

Tēnā koutou,

I hope this email finds you well. As we have now completed the fifth and final month of the Marine Kaitiaki Course, it is our pleasure to share with you the last monthly Newsletter for our 2022 course. Our trainees have been going above and beyond with their research projects and have accomplished several certifications in these final weeks, including their boatmasters qualifications!

We are extremely proud of all that our trainees have accomplished during this course and look forward to seeing what they go on to do afterwards. As always, please share this Newsletter with your community, as well as our social media platforms (TriOceans IG and FB), so that we can give this course the recognition it deserves. If you should have any questions, or prefer to no longer receive these Newsletters, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

We look forward to sharing more about future Marine Kaitiaki Courses in the coming months!

Ngā mihi nui,

Kayla Keyes

Education Director 

Marine Kaitiaki NEWSLETTER May 2022

Kia ora koutou,

I hope everyone is well and warm. We have officially completed our third month of course, with a fresh Newsletter created by our trainees!

Please see the attached May Newsletter and as always feel free to share this out. I’ve also attached a list describing each of the student’s Kaitiaki Course Project ideas so that you can see what interests they are currently pursuing. As we support them in their project implementations here at TriOceans, any insight or suppport you may have for these studetns please feel free to contact me at kayla@trioceans.org.

Each day of this course we are seeing so much growth and confidence shine through these amazing young kaitiaki. We graciously thank you for your continued support of this mahi and their ultimate success. Have a wonderful weekend!

Nga mihi nui,

Kayla Keyes

Education Director 

Tangaroa Research Institute of Oceanographic Studies (TriOceans)

32/10 Klinac Lane • Waipapa • 0295 • New Zealand

Have your say about proposed sustainability measures for fish stocks

Just sharing links to the consultation documents below, please have your say. Consultations close on Feb 8th so not much time Arohamai.

Consultation documents

Review of sustainability measures for scallop (SCA 1 and SCA CS) for 2022 [PDF, 2.9 MB]

Review of sustainability measures for rock lobster (CRA 1,7 and 8) for 2022 [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Review of sustainability measures for hapuku/bass (HPB 7 and 8) for 2022 [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Review of sustainability measures for redbait (RBT 7) for 2022 [PDF, 581 KB]

Review of sustainability measures for southern blue whiting (SBW 6B) for 2022 [PDF, 752 KB]

If you require hard copies of documents or any other information, email FMSubmissions@mpi.govt.nz

Summary table of the proposals

Stocks proposed to have their catch limits, allowances, and deemed values reviewed as part of the 1 April 2022 sustainability round.

StockProposalRationale for review
Rock lobster – CRA 7 and 8Otago and SouthlandRock lobster is a highly valued shared stock, and one of the most valuable wild-caught inshore fisheries, earning ~$200M in exports annually.Recent stock assessment results suggest that the stocks are above the BMSY reference level, is predicted to increase under current catches, and could sustain up to a 15% increase to the TAC. An increase to the TACC is proposed to allow fishers to realise this utilisation opportunity.
Rock lobster – CRA 1Northland and Wellington/Hawke’s BayA rapid assessment update for CRA 1  suggest that this stock will stay just above its BMSY reference level with current catches. A small decrease to the TAC is proposed to increase the certainty that this stock continues to increase in biomass above the reference level.
Scallops – SCA 1 and SCA CSNorthland, Auckland and Coromandel Surveys carried out in 2021 show an overall decline in the biomass and abundance in both SCA 1 and SCA CS from historical levels, with substantive declines in many core scallop beds since the previous survey. Fisheries New Zealand considers that the current biomass and abundance of scallops in SCA 1 and SCA CS are at levels that do not support sustainable fishing at the current catch limits and allowances. Management options are proposed to help rebuild the fishery.
Hāpuku/Bass – HPB 7 and HPB 8West Coast South Island and TaranakiHPB 7 and 8 consists of 2 groper species (both with an October fishing year) – hapuku and bass. HPB 7 and 8 have not been reviewed since it was introduced into the QMS in 1986. Commercial catch of both stocks has been trending downwards since 2015/16 and is now substantially lower than the TACC (<50% of the TACC). HPB 7 and 8 are a low information stock with no accepted index of abundance. Reviewing the stocks would allow TACs and allowances to be set, and give due consideration to whether current catches are sustainable. This follows a similar review for other North Island HPB stocks (HPB 1 and 2) in the October Round.
Redbait – RBT 7West coasts of the South and North islands RBT 7 is a low knowledge commercial species that occurs throughout the New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Redbait in RBT 7 is predominantly caught as a bycatch species of the Jack mackerel trawl fishery on the West Coast South Island. Annual catch landings of redbait have decreased from 1,700 tonnes in 2007 to less than 30 tonnes in recent years. This substantive decrease has not been attributed to a similar degree of reduction in Jack mackerel targeted fishing effort. The TACC is currently set at 2,841 tonnes and has remained unchanged since 2009.
Southern blue whiting – SBW 6BBounty IslandThe agreed management approach for SBW 6B involves recommending catch limits based on the application of a harvest control (or decision) rule to the results from an annual abundance survey for the stock. This approach was introduced in 2017 but due to logistical issues (bad weather, timing, and inability to locate a stable spawning aggregation), this survey has not produced a biomass estimate for the last 4 years. Fisheries New Zealand is proposing a precautionary decrease to the commercial catch limits of this stock.Despite this, preliminary fish length data from samples taken in the recent fishing season indicates recruitment into the fishery.  However, until this data is analysed, the strength of this new year class is unknown. As such, Fisheries New Zealand is proposing a precautionary decrease to the commercial catch limits of this stock.

Making your submission

You must send us your submission before 5pm on Tuesday, 8 February 2022.

We encourage you to use the submission template to help you give feedback.

Submission form – template [DOCX, 75 KB]

Email your completed submission to FMSubmissions@mpi.govt.nz

While we prefer email, you can also post your submission to:

2021 Sustainability Review
Fisheries Management
Fisheries New Zealand
PO Box 2526
Wellington 6140
New Zealand.

What to include

Make sure you tell us in your submission:

  • the title of the consultation document
  • your name and title
  • your organisation’s name (if you are submitting on behalf of an organisation, and whether your submission represents the whole organisation or a section of it)
  • your contact details (such as phone number, address, and email).